Best 100 Daisy Tattoo Designs in 2024

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Daisies are one of the most beloved flowers in human history. With symbolism dating back to ancient Celtic legends and Norse mythology, it’s no wonder daisy tattoo is a popular choice for modern tattoo lovers.

Flowers have their own language as well as noticeable beauty.

A flower tattoo is a great way to express yourself and communicate something about yourself with the world. 

You’ll commonly find daisies gifted in bouquets, and they’ve come to symbolize beauty, love, and new beginnings.

If you’re considering a flower tattoo, the daisy might just be the right fit for you.

In this article, we’ll explore the meaning behind daisy tattoo designs as well as the best 100 daisy tattoo designs. 

History of Daisies in Mythology

While most people recognize daisies as a well-known flower, they’re not aware of their unique history within mythology.

According to Celtic legends, God used daisies as a way to cheer parents after the death of their child.

This is why daisies are often associated with motherhood and parenting today. Gifting a bouquet of daisies is a common way to show support and celebrate new life. 

Sunflowers are part of the Asteraceae family which is the same family as daisies.

However, it wasn’t only the Celtic who had a rich symbolism behind this flower.

In Norse mythology, the daisy was the sacred flower of Freya, the goddess of love and fertility.

In the Roman myth of Vertumnus and Belides, the god of seasons pursued a nymph so aggressively that she turned herself into a daisy to escape. 

In Europe in the Middle Ages, the phrase “fresh as a daisy” became common.

Daisies earned the nickname “day’s eye” because the petals actually close over the yellow center at night. They re-open during the day, so those who rested well at night are compared to daisies to this day. In the 1800s, “daisy” was even a slang word for “that’s a doozy.” 

Though very simple in appearance, the daisy shows that we aren’t always what we appear.

Even the simplest, gentlest of flowers can have a rich meaning. All of these unique stories, myths, and traditions make this flower so unique today. 

The Meaning Behind Different Colored Daisies

Daisies come in a few different colors, and the meaning might change depending on the one you choose, just like with butterflies or even in the case of roses.

People have given daisies and other flowers as a way to communicate with their loved ones.

Whether they’re expressing unyielding love, friendship, or wishing someone luck, each color came to have its own meaning.

  • White – Purity and innocence
  • YellowFriendly and creative
  • GreenWise
  • RedStrong and courageous
  • OrangeResponsible
  • BlueEmotion and softness

You’ve likely seen this colorful symbolism in real-life.

For example, white daisies are a sign of purity, they’re commonly found in wedding bouquets. In Christianity, white daisies are even a sign of the Virgin Mary’s chastity and virtue.

If you see yourself as an emotional, sensitive person, a blue daisy tattoo might reflect your heart on your sleeve. On the other hand, a yellow daisy tattoo shows your creative side and your brightness. No matter what color you choose, make sure it means something to you. 

The Meaning Behind Daisy Tattoo Ideas

Now that you know the history behind different daisies and their colors, let’s talk about their symbolism.

While these tattoos can have a lot of different meanings, most people choose to find their own significance that relates to their own life story and personality. Daisies are also the birth flower for those born in April, along with sweat pea flowers.

Daisy tattoos are a symbol of all of the following:

  • Happiness
  • Sunshine
  • Joy
  • Light
  • Cheer
  • Femininity
  • Beauty
  • Emotion
  • Love

With symbolism like these powerful words above, it’s no wonder this is such a popular tattoo design.

Daisies bring the wearer luck and honor, marking upon their brightness and strength of character.

In addition, daisy tattoos are perfect for pairing with other designs like quotes, scripture, other animals such as bees, hummingbirds, other flowers, or names. 

Daisy Tattoo Placement

Where should you get your daisy tattoo?

Since the daisy tattoo design is very customizable, this is a flexible tattoo to choose.

It’s easy to fit it just about anywhere on your body.

Your placement will likely depend on the size of the tattoo, as well as whether or not you include the stems, multiple flowers, or falling petals. 

The most common places on the body for a daisy tattoo are the forearm, thigh, foot, wrist, and ribs. The back, chest, and shoulder are also popular picks.

When choosing, be sure to consult a qualified tattoo artist for their input.

Also, give thought to your tattoo’s exposure to the elements and your pain tolerance. 

Daisy Tattoo Ideas

Is a daisy tattoo design right for you? If you feel like the history and significance above fits with your personal style, this could be a great tattoo choice.

Take a look below, and swipe right to check them out all:

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